Woodworm pest control in Dubai

Woodworm pest control: Woodworms are the larvae of quite a lot of species of wood-eating beetles. These insects prefer to clear up within moist and humid wooden structures and furniture, where they can use cracks and fractures to lay their eggs. After production, the larval stage begins. The larvae start feeding on the wood directly, boring holes and digging from end to end. Additionally, a woodworm infestation might not be visible until a fully developed bug drills out and emerges through a hole in the wooden exterior. After rising from the exit hole the adult insect will finally mate and look for new fracture. And they crack allied with wood, where they will lay eggs and do the whole cycle again.

Sign of Woodworm

The first most noticeable sign of a Woodworm would be any circular holes, 2 mm wide in wood, and bore dust around the holes. Frequently the passageway that the woodworm drills under the floor causes the flooring to screech. And if the floor is wooden it may even crush at some point. If you notice any insects, larvae or eggs do not be uncertain to get rid of them, call our professional pest control company for inspection.

Prevent tips for woodworm

·         Humidity control:

All types of woodworm increase in high-humidity places. They need water to stay alive and grow, so the best way to prevent a swarm is to remove them from that water. Keep the humidity levels inside your home as low as achievable, and make sure all uncovered wood is open to the air..

·         Remove affected wood:

If you see any of the early signs of woodworm, it is best to remove the affected wood to stop the pests from spreading.

·         Traps for Insects:

Adult insects that make it into your home can reproduce. Insect traps can be placed in ventilated locations throughout the summer to lessen the likelihood of that happening. It’s the reason the larva that bore into wood surfaces in sort to feed on the pulp.

Woodworm Treatment

When it comes to woodworm swarm of furniture, it is necessary that all likely cracks are carefully checked and correctly treated afterward. The techniques that we use in such situations may engage:

  • fumigation
  • ultra-low volume spray
  • exterior spray
  • targeted heat with dry steam
  • hot air heat dealingagainst the woodworm.

The woodworm treatment will usually take from an hour up to a few hours to complete, to make sure the long-term control and full extinction of woodworms. In majority of cases of heat action of the furniture polluted you will not necessarily have to leave the house. If the treatment is conducted on commercial premises, we always make sure that they will be ready for use after the treatment.

How we can help you?

Are you worrying about woodworms on your property and thinking about how to get rid of woodworm? Then you are at the right place. We, at Quickpest, are dedicated to protecting housing and commercial premises from woodworm in Dubai. With our woodworm pest control service, we offer targeted treatments. Our expert woodworm pest control will ensure complete extinction for a long time. Before any type of treatment, there is an inspection passed out by our professional woodworm killer, who has been completely trained in woodworm pest control service. After recognizing the problems the expert will advise you on the best possible ways of termination and discuss it with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What months are woodworm active?

Usually, April to September is the common season for active and breed woodworms

Can you live in a house with woodworm?

Woodworms can affect the structural reliability of furniture in your house.

What keeps woodworm away?

Keep your room less humidity to prevent woodworms

Should I throw away furniture with woodworm?

If you notice a sign of woodworm in the furniture then you should take it away to dry place, or you can contact us.

Will woodworm bite humans?

Yes, some types of woodworms can bites or rashes on you

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