Scorpion pest control in Dubai

Scorpion pest control: Scorpion pest is common in the desert of Dubai. They are poisonous pests with 8 legs, two claws, and a curled end tipped with a stinger. They eat small insects and use tongs to hold prey and their stings to inject venom into their victims. Moreover, they have a hard exoskeleton and can vary in size from ½ inch to 9 inches.

As per their living habits are concerned, they require wet and shady surroundings to port in the day. Also, residences closer to nature treasury and wooded areas are more likely to attract scorpions.

Most species are usually not dangerous to people unless they have an allergic reaction to scorpion poison. While a small number of species of scorpions is truly deadly to humans.

When you spot a scorpion on your property, do not try to catch it but instead, contact us to get a professional scorpion pest control expert in Dubai to get rid of scorpions.

Types of scorpions

There are two types of scorpions that are mostly hazardous Scorpionidae and Buthidae.

Sign of scorpion

Scorpions live in warm and humid climates. They become visible at night to find water and food. Their search for water and cool, dark spaces directs them to your property. Also, they glow in the shady and can be visible using Ultra Violet black light.

Are scorpions dangerous?

Scorpions are known for being poisonous and deadly. Although they have venom their sting normally only results in swelling and pain. They do not bite usually; instead, they sting for defense. You should keep away from touching and picking up a scorpion because you are taking a risk of receiving a painful sting that may be harmful to your health. The poison of a scorpion is a toxic matter that directly influences the nerves or blood cells. The precise type and strength of the poison vary depending on the exact type of scorpion.

Prevention tips for scorpions

  • It is better to stop the entry of scorpions and other small insects into your property, to begin with checking for holes and cracks and sealing off and repairing where required.
  • Ensure weather-stripping about doors and windows is in good shape
  • Check for water leaks because this attracts scorpions and other harmful pests.
  • Avoid mess in the house because this provides hiding places for scorpions.
  • Deep clean your house once a week
  • Remove garbage nearby to the house as this can pull toward scorpions.
  • Ensure firewood is being stored some distance from the house while this also will be eye-catching to scorpions
  • Purchase a backlight and search at night for any signs of the animal. They will glow under Ultra Violet light

How we can help you?

We are experts in scorpion exterminator in Dubai. Our highly skilled technicians will examine areas around your home where scorpions may hide, such as wood piles or rocks, and any possible entrance into your home. We will also examine areas inside your premises where scorpions are well-known to hide, including crawl places, attics, and wall cracks. If scorpions have already been found on your property, our best scorpion pest control uses special methods and products to get rid of scorpions rapidly. Our experts will inspect your property where we will review all the concerns for your premises and explain the range of techniques we use to stop and eliminate scorpions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there scorpions in Dubai?

Scorpion is one of the most common and hazardous animals in the desert of Dubai

Are scorpions in Dubai poisonous?

Most scorpions found in Dubai are not poisonous

How can you tell if a scorpion is poisonous?

When it comes to identifying poisonous scorpions, thicker tails and small pincers are considered venomous.

Can scorpions climb into your bed?

Scorpions can easily climb into bed

What can attract a scorpion?

Rotting Logs and Leaves can attract scorpions for providing shelter and hiding spots.

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