Birds pest control: Birds are lovely creatures and can make you feel good with their colors, voice, appearance, etc but their presence in the wrong place can sometimes be annoying.

Birds’ nesting and roosting in buildings are often seen. They are constantly in the chase of a place to settle thus, they make themselves a home within your premises. To find them a shelter, the birds can make nests even in the smallest cracks and gaps. Their presence on a property can cause a variety of issues for the residents as they leave debris and droppings, which can be toxic. Thus, they become your very unwanted house guests and make your life a misery.

So, to get rid of birds, you must seek the guidance of pest control experts.

Common pest bird species

Here are a few bird species that play as pests in your life:

  • Collared Dove
  • Feral Pigeons
  • House Sparrow
  • Seagulls
  • Starlings

The nuisance bird species that are mostly seen in Dubai, UAE are Common Myna, Ring Dove, and Pigeon.

Signs of Birds living on your premises

Any gap that allows entrance to your building is a possible entry point for birds. Pest birds will sometimes get into your yard where they will cause damage to your plants.

It pays to be wary of signs of birds, such as droppings and other accumulations such as brushwood and feathers. They also sign they’re being there with a telltale call, which is simply instantly recognizable when they are in big numbers.

Risks & health hazards

Birds have a well-earned standing for being pests and transporter of disease, and they can cause exclusive damage. We have highlighted some of the property and health risks that the residents have to face with their presence.

Property damage:

Birds like pigeons can cause damage to your roof tiles and their droppings are highly acidic causing the weakening of structural materials. Bird droppings can cause damage to your equipment and property including contagion to food, water supplies, and exhaust vent. The debris they leave behind is a reproduction ground for vermin. Also, some of them can steal your fruits and crops. Moreover, their nests are extremely flammable and create a fire risk.

Health risk:

Birds like pigeons can spoil hygiene and droppings carry infections including salmonella. They are very toxic to people with weak immune systems special children and elderly people.

Not only salmonella but there is a high chance to get other health problems like cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis, Ornithosis, and psittacosis by pest birds.

In addition, birds can also transmit parasites such as mites that can cause serious illnesses if entered the human body.

This is not all; these beautiful-looking breeding birds can be a great attraction for predatory creatures including cats, foxes, and snakes into your premises.

In order to decrease health and property risks, it is essential to eliminate these nuisance birds and a better solution to do so is to contact a bird removal service.

Why you should get a bird removal service?

Birds in Dubai are far from just an annoyance; they are a possible health hazard and can cause very costly property damage, particularly on business premises. It is clever to act fast if you spot the signs of a bird infestation by employing birds pest control experts like those at Quickpest.

We are acknowledged of birds’ behavior and have years of experience in removing birds from properties. Moreover, the bird control services we offer are entirely humane ensuring they won’t come back.

Tools and Techniques we use:

·         Bird netting

We use this barring tool to protect your premises from different types of birds, it acts as a barrier between flying pests and the building.

·         Gel repellent

This non-toxic bird prevention tricks birds into thinking that the building is on fire. It is a successful repellent which we advise mostly if you’re a resident and cannot use any bird-proofing solutions.

·         Anti-roosting spikes

Birds control experts attach these spikes wherever birds roost to discourage them from perching. This is one of the majority-winning prevention tools and is ideal for all types of properties.

Other than the above, we also use products like electric tracks, sound bird deterrents, visual bird deterrents, hazers, and thermal foggers for bird pest control.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get rid of unwanted birds?

The most efficient way to panic birds is to put flags on the roof that move in the wind.

What birds are used for pest control?

Hawks and falcons are the most usually used birds of quarry deployed in pest control service.

What are birds afraid of?

Birds hate strong smells, shiny objects, and predators.

How do I get rid of birds without killing them?

Distract them with Visual Bird prevention.

Which birds are considered a pest?

Pigeons, starlings, and sparrows are known as pest birds.

How to get rid of birds in exhaust vent?

There are a few ways that you can get rid of birds in your exhaust vent. One way is to blow air at a high speed with a vacuum cleaner. Another way is to use a net to physically remove the birds from the vent.

How to get rid of birds in your roof?

There are a few options available for getting rid of birds on your roof. One option is to use bird repellents. These can be purchased at most hardware stores or online. Another option is to make the roof inhospitable for birds by removing food sources and nesting materials. Finally, you can try to scare the birds away with loud noises or visual deterrents.

How to get rid of birds in the morning?

There are a few things you can do to try to get rid of birds in the morning. One is to try to scare them away by making loud noises or throwing things at them. Another is to try to block their access to areas where they like to congregate by putting up physical barriers. Finally, you can try to remove whatever it is that is attracting them to the area in the first place, such as food or water.