Fleas pest control: Fleas are tiny, flightless insects that feed on the blood of hosts. They are common external parasites that live on birds and animals, especially on pets like dogs & cats. It has a high possibility of remaining in the body of a pet, causing harm to the human body.

Moreover, the fleas in your home are caused by excessive humidity and high temperatures. You must use extreme caution in order to preserve these two criteria. Thus, it is crucial to control fleas in Dubai.

Types & phases of fleas

Fleas are mostly of two types:

  • dog fleas
  • cat fleas

Both types of fleas are 3mm in length. The cat flea is reddish brown and the dog flea is slightly darker.

Whereas the phases of flea are concerned, it exists in four phases:

  • egg
  • larva
  • pupa
  • adult

A flea can be found in any of these four phases at your home. Thus, you need to eliminate all these phases for full pest control of a flea plague.

Signs of a Flea

Fleas can be seen and are most probable to be noticed when they are jumping. If you are experiencing scratchy flea bites or your pets are scratching themselves significantly more commonly then the probability is that you have fleas. Or when you have a flea infestation in your home, you may see flea faeces.

Where to check for fleas?

Fleas are found in the middle of greeneries such as trees and vegetation.

The flea dirt can be found on your pet’s coat, mat, carpets, and rugs.

The reddish-brown fleas can be observed crawling on your pet’s coat.

Also, you must check your upholstery and cushions. They can their eggs in deep furniture.

Especially check your pets as cat dog or birds can bring into your house.

How do we perform flea removal?


The flea exterminator will inspect your home carefully to find out the type and amount of the plague. Based on that, the expert will decide the best action.


By spraying exaggerated areas with insecticide, the technician will eliminate any fleas efficiently. Its remaining effects will last for a long term.


By your request, our pest control can return to your home once more after some time if you book a full pest control service.


The technicians will provide some helpful recommendations on how to get rid of fleas in your house in the future. Also, you will be given details when the service is finished.

Fleas control service with professionals

Book a professional fleas pest control in Dubai to free your home of these disreputable jumping insects. With professional help, you will get the house flea treatment you need for total termination around your property. In addition, it will help you to keep safe your family and pets from dirt and health risks such as typhus and even the notorious bubonic disease by eliminating the flea issue today.

Why choose us?

Our company is a complete solution for Fleas pest control and ensures to eliminate your problem fully. Our skillfully trained pest control technicians move toward pest protection and will help your home or business stay pest free for a long time. Moreover, we guarantee to provide quality services. Not only that but also, we modify our products to end pests by type. Thus, we adapt our solutions based on the uniqueness of your home, building, or business because we know that every pest problem is different. We use higher solutions standards by industry-leading bodies – helping to make sure reliability and success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there fleas in Dubai?

Fleas are a small flightless pest which is 3mm in length In Dubai. Fleas pest control is more important in such high humidity and high temperature.

Are fleas live in humans?

No, Fleas don’t live on humans. They usually bite at the feet and legs by jumping from an animal, but it is most possible to be from an infected pet bed.

What kills fleas instantly?

Capstar is the most common chemical for eliminating fleas in pets.

Can fleas harm humans?

Fleas may carry some human diseases like Plague.

Can fleas live in your bed?

Fleas can live in beds for up to two weeks, and they like to hole under sheets.

What temperature kills fleas?

You can kill flies higher than 35°C or below then 8°C