Carpet Beetles
Carpet Beetles pest control: Carpet beetles are not the highest breeders but once they plague your home, the damage they can cause in a short space of time can be more considerable and most importantly, irrevocable. They nourish wool, feathers, and other fibers. They might ground a lot of damage to your clothes, property, carpets, and soft equipment within a short time. Hire professional carpet beetle control in Dubai to get rid of notorious pests.

Signs of a carpet beetle infestation

You can spot dents to clothes, carpets, curtains, and upholstery, in rare condition, leather, or even bookbinding. Seeing dead adult carpet beetles are defiantly a sign of infestation. Shed skins are also signs; you will find them near their nesting area when the larvae grow into an adult. And their poop, which is the size of a grain, might be near their nest.

Health risks

A common delusion is that carpet beetles bite. Some customers contact us for a bed bug treatment when it is in reality a carpet beetle treatment that they need. This is because the hairs on the carpet beetle larvae can cause an allergic reaction in some people. One way in which the body can react is for the skin to build up swelling. This swelling can be commonly misdiagnosed as bed bug bites. The bristles from the larvae can also create other problems, for example, difficulty breathing. Professional carpet beetle treatments will remove the larvae and the beetles and prevent allergic reactions.

Prevention tips for carpet beetle

Deep cleaning of your property is recommended to prevent carpet beetles. They usually breed behind your upholstery items. Clean the strict underside to keep away and kill any larvae that may be out of sight in the thick rug. We advise that you check any old or vintage items for pests or larvae. If you buy flowers, it’s essential to check them too. Check birds nesting nearby your property, and frequently check the items you store in cupboards or your loft.

Get professional help remove carpet beetles

The beetle can cause big damage to carpets and textiles, and if not eradicated promptly, their count will increase. Therefore, it is very important to call a carpet beetle control expert as soon as you see any signs of an invasion.

How do we help with carpet beetles pest control?

This carpet beetle cure is guaranteed according to the terms of your pest control plan. Here is what our experts do to get you rid of carpet beetles:
  • Our beetle control experts inspect your property thoroughly to find out the level of infestation. This helps them choose the right product for the right condition.
  • Then the technicians apply a particular insecticide that has a significant lasting effect on treated places. The material helps for up to 100% efficient carpet beetle larvae cure. If the infestation is rigorous, the expert might suggest that you book heat treatment for your premises.
  • The pest control expert provides you with advice on how to keep your home safe from carpet bugs.
  • You can request additional free follow-up visits for 3 months.
So, if you think you have carpet beetles, contact us today to discuss our specialized carpet beetle management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I suddenly have carpet beetles?

Carpet beetles are likely to eat fabric and animal products, often adult beetles can lay eggs on your furniture

Is it normal to find carpet beetles?

No, if you notice an adult beetle in your home that is a sign of others existing on your property or soon.

Should I be worried about carpet beetles?

Even though they don’t bite, they can cause a lot of damage if left unrestricted.

What season do carpet beetles come out?

They are usually found outdoors in summer.

What scent keeps carpet beetles away?

You can use vinegar, peppermint oil, cedar oil, lavender oil, clove oil, and neem oil to keep away.