Moles pest control in Dubai

Moles pest control: Moles live underground and are always on the look for worms and other small pests. The moles usually eat half their body weight to remain healthy. They often hide in the underground tunnel so that’s it hard to see them. They are woodland living things that have been forced into human land by the abolition of their natural environment. If you ever question yourself why you have a problem with moles, it might be because you water your yard. Yet under the grass you have so carefully kept, you have also provided moist soil to create a tunnel so easily. Moist soil attract earthworm and they attract cute moles in your yard. That’s where we come to help you with mole removal Dubai.

Signs of a Mole infestation

The first sign of moles is molehills, whenever they lack food underground they dig a hole and come to the moist soil surface finding insects and small pests. The bumpy ground is also a sign of moles in your premises. Ground Surface is affected whenever they dig holes underground. Keep your eyes on the level of the ground. If you see plants in the garden dying it could be a sign of moles, they disturb the roots of plants.

Moles risk

Moles can cause damage to yards or gardens, by tunneling through moist soil. The holes can leave the ground looking so dirty by creating safety risks and damaging your property. Moles use their front paws to dig tunnels, by scraping away the soil, while feeling their way along tunnels with their nose and fuzz. The Moles have poor eye vision due to living in darkness, so they are hardly ever seen above ground.

Moles prevent tips

Remove their food sources:

Mole’s favorite food is grubs. When you remove the grubs and other pests in your garden, they eventually relocate the living area.

Apply a repellent:

The Mole repellent is an effectual solution for infestations. You can use castor oil to upset the digestive system of moles. It can stop spreading moles in your garden.

Use Plants as A blockade:

Some plants have strong smells which can disturb moles and prevent from them like marigolds or daffodils etc. Plant these types around the boundaries of your garden to form a natural fence or plant in raised beds to defend root systems

Dig a Trench in the garden:

Dig a trench that should be about two feet deep all around the area you would prefer to protect from Moles.

How we can help you?

When moles dig holes they create a mess in your garden and you see piles of dirt popping up. We have helped so many households to clear their property from Moles, by using efficient Moles pest control methods. Such as, putting traps on tunnels and using professional materials and gasses to get rid of Moles. Tunnel trapping must be put by an expert with careful. We provide moles pest control service for commercial premises as well as domestic premises. We can take out mole trapping in different types of tunnels, which will stop them from causing further damage. Thus, we are the best mole removal in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do moles stay in one area?

A mole can live in your garden for up to 3 years

What do pest control companies use for moles?

There are so many methods that moles pest control companies use to remove moles such as use poisonous nuts, noisemakers, traps, smoke, etc.

Are moles active at night?

Moles are active during daytime and nighttime; they usually come on the surface during rain

 What attracts mole?

Moist soil and remaining food in the yard attract moles

Where do moles go during the day?

Most of the time, they live in their tunnels.

How to remove moles?

Get help from professional moles pest control agency like ours to remove moles from your property.

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